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Stonefly nymphs and adults from the Central Coast streams of British Columbia. Of interest to entomologists, fly fishermen and the curious. The sizes of these creatures range between 5 to 30 mm.
Stonefly- Hesperoperla pacifica- adultStonefly- Hesperoperla pacifica- nymph-1DSC_3253-Hesperoperla pacifica nymphStonefly- Megarcys sp- adultStonefly- Megarcys sp- nymph-1DSC_2659- Megarcys sp-nymphPteronarcys californica-Adult & CastPteronarcys californica- adult-2Pteronarcys californica- nymph-2Pteronarcys californica- nymphStonefly- Claasenia sabulosa-adult femaleStonefly- Claasenia sabulosa- adult,maleStonefly- Claasenia sabulosa- nymphStonefly-Calineuria californica-mat Nymph-1Skwala paralella- mat nymphTaenionema pacificum- AdultTaenionema pacificum & Podmosta spZapada oregonensis-nymphZapada cinctipes- nymph-2Zapada columbiana-nymph-2