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The heliskiing season ended last week in the Valley for Bella Coola Helisports. A wrap party for the crew, families and friends (both local and from beyond), was celebrated at "Sweedsmuir" (Tweedsmuir) Lodge on a beautiful Spring day. The theme of the party was Woodstock - 40 years later. Good times.
_MWB6438-SwedeStock party.jpg_MWB6488-Sweedsmuir Lodge.jpg_MWB6351-Chef Swede and roast pig_MWB6361-Christian&Swede.jpg_MWB6364.jpg_MWB6368-Suzanne&Christian.jpg_MWB6362-Christian & Neige.jpg_MWB6395-Hendricks' barrel.jpg_MWB6382.jpg_MWB6383-Melissa.jpg_MWB6384-Swede.jpg_MWB6385-!969 Christian.jpg_MWB6394-Skye & Garret.jpg_MWB6402.jpg_MWB6396-Gilles.jpg_MWB6398-Gilles.jpg_MWB6400-Suzanne&Christian.jpg_MWB6420.jpg_MWB6406-Garret.jpg_MWB6410-Skye,Whitey & Melissa.jpg