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In 1993, I had the opportunity to raft down the Tatshenshini River with others invited by the Sierra Club to document the various wildlife values of the area. It was a one month journey starting in Dawson's Landing, Yukon thru the north-west corner of BC and ending in Dry Bay, Alaska. My task was to collect and ID the aquatic fauna. The Tatshenshini was made a park while we were on our journey. This gallery shows a few of scenics of this magnificent area. I don't think it's changed much since I went on my trip.
Camp#1- Mike,Deb,Brad (67-7-93).jpgJack's Camp- unloading (87-35-93).jpgPetroglyph Is Camp-Tatshenshini.jpgTatsenshini nr O'Connor confluence (85-31-93).jpgAlsek R braiding (127-4-93).jpgTat-Alsek confl (downstr)-(127-13-93).jpgTat-Alsek confl (upstr)-(127-14-93).jpgTat-Tats confluence-panview.jpgAlsek Lake (119-36-93).jpgAlsek Lake (120-14-93).jpgAlsek Lake (120-16-93).jpgAlsek Lake- Brad,Heather,Steph (120-9-93).jpgAlsek Lake-rafting  (120-4-93).jpgMt Fairweather from Alsek Lake.jpgWalker Glacier, Alaska (118-23-93).jpgWalker Glacier- hiking (118-34-93).jpgWalker Glacier- put in (117-2-93).jpgWalker Glacier camp- (118- 20-93).jpgWalker Glacier camp- (112-16-93).jpgWalker Glacier camp- (113-4-93).jpg