Zenfolio | Michael Wigle Photography | Chum Salmon "Eggtake"-2013
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Every year for 30+ years, our Valley's Salmon Hatchery has been capturing a portion of this Chum Salmon run to, basically, sustain a run size for our local (and beyond) commercial fishery while maintaining an "escapement" to our rivers and other streams in our Watershed for spawning. This Gallery is an attempt to describe how this is done. Captions to photos will be completed over a few days time.
_MJW7890-Thorsen Creek fence-installed_MJW7944-Catching Chum within the trap._MJW7941_MJW7945_MJW7946_MJW7947_MJW7948_MJW7968_MJW7966-Chum Salmon in the trap, lower Bella Coola Valley_MJW7971_MJW7973_MJW7975_MJW7982_MJW7984-a netfull of Chum._MJW7995-Simmy and the big Chum male spawner. Very big for the species._MJW7998-Taking milt (sperm) from male Chum Salmon._MJW8000_MJW8003_MJW8009_MJW8012-"Taking" eggs from a female Chum Salmon, lower Bella Coola Valley