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Unless otherwise noted, the Grizzly Bears in this gallery were photographed on the Atnarko River, Bella Coola Valley.
_MWC7123-Griz hunter-5yr old_MWC7124-Griz-5yr old_MWC7120-Griz-5yr old_MWC7118-Griz-5yr old_MWC7047-Griz sow & cubs & fishing gear_MWC7054-Griz cubs & fishing gear_MWC6971-"Bent Ear" the boar_MWC7181-Griz cub-relaxing_MWC7078-Griz-fishing family_MWC7075-Griz & photographers_MWC7064-Griz cub & onlookers_MWC7176-Griz Sow & cubs_MWC7166-Griz sow & cub_MWC7171-Griz sow & cubs_MWC7175-Griz cubs_MWC7485-Griz sow & 2nd yr cubs_MWC7490-Griz sow & 2nd yr cubs_MWC7491-Griz sow & 2nd yr cubs_MWC7506-Griz & Chinook lunch_MWC7503-Griz & Chinook lunch

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Bob Davison(non-registered)
We shared this boat trip with Mike and enjoyed every minute. Our photo's were not a patch on his though. I'm going to have to go back with a better camera. We had three drift trips and each was as exciting. Ken the boatsman said he had the 'Trip of the season'. For us it was 'The was the adventure holiday of a lifetime'.


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