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This gallery consists of shapes, textures and patterns I see all around me in nature's world. I love the exercise of searching through the elements around me to see and abstract bits of things in a tightly focused world. I mostly use fixed or zoom telephoto lenses for this type of photography for the generous working distances they allow.
_MWC9009-waterflow abstract#092- Lichen & Web_MWC8996-Cottonwood leaf_MWB1079-Creek ice_MJW4402-Frost_MJW8588-beetle tracks.jpg_MWB1063-Creek ice_MWB3159-Inner Hemlock bark_MWB2514-Puddle Ice_MWC0927-river shoreline ice formation_MWC0918-river shoreline ice and water bubbles_MWC0921-river rock, ice and water bubbles._MWC0924-river shoreline ice shapes_MWC0945-river shoreline ice_MWC0896-river shoreline ice_MWC0897-river shoreline ice shapes_MWC0907-river shoreline ice_MWC0914-river ice and water flow_MWC0942-ice shapes on a shoreline log_MWC0995-Iced river rocks