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On Aug.22/09, Julia and Lawrence were married on their property in the Bella Coola Valley near Hagensborg. I was priveleged to have free-rein to photograph the proceedings. The majority of these photos are presented sequentially of the event. More to follow.....

A beautiful Central Coast day - overcast to rain to sun and repeat. Great setting, great event, great food and company.
_MWB1365-wedding setting.jpg_MWB1367-wedding setting.jpg_MWB1369-wedding setting.jpg_MWB1382-wedding setting.jpg_MWB1385-Sasha at the Wedding.jpg_MWB1387-waiting for Julia.jpg_MWB1391-the Rings.jpg_MWB1389-the Rings.jpg_MWB1397-bride's arrival.jpg_MWB1398-bride's arrival.jpg_MWB1399-bride's arrival.jpg_MWB1402-bride's arrival.jpg_MWB1403-bride's arrival.jpg_MWB1405-bride's arrival.jpg_MWB1408-father&bride.jpg_MWB1413-father&bride-entrance.jpg_MWB1414-father&bride-entrance.jpg_MWB1418-GivingtheBride.jpg_MWB1427-the ceremony.jpg_MWB1430-the Ceremony.jpg