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For those who may not know, a salmon "egg take" is an expression used when referring to the capture of adult salmon in their natal streams, "taking" the eggs from females and sperm from males and incubating the eggs at a hatchery facility. This gallery is a photo essay of the process in the Atnarko River, Bella Coola as the Snootli Hatchery crew does the annual stream portion of their work to capture and transport the adult Chinook Salmon back to the hatchery facility. These images are presented in relative order during the process. I hope the captions help.
_MWB2070-Belarko put-in site.jpg_MWB1934.jpg_MWB1939.jpg_MWB2075.jpg_MWB2080-Alger'sPool-site..jpg_MWB2088-seine set1.jpg_MWB2091-seine set2.jpg_MWB2095-seine set3.jpg_MWB2097-seine set4.jpg_MWB2100-seine set5.jpg_MWB2101-seine set6.jpg_MWB2105-boiling salmon.jpg_MWB2107-salmon boil2.jpg_MWB2120-salmon boil3.jpg_MWB2111.jpg_MWB2118-tailing a Chinook.jpg_MWB2119.jpg_MWB2125-Chinook capture1.jpg_MWB2126.jpg_MWB2131-Chinook capture2.jpg