Zenfolio | Michael Wigle Photography | Eagles-5 (2015)
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Eagle images taken in the Winter months of early 2015, Bella Coola Valley. Some images are sequential i.e. two (or more) consecutive images blended together to show various flight maneuvers of the Eagle pictured.
_DSC6401_DSC6430-food fight-8x10_DSC6985_DSC6099-banking turn_DSC6160_DSC6778_DSC6399_DSC6403_DSC6607_DSC6843-Clearing sky_DSC7212-Yng Eagle soaring_DSC7225-yng Eagle-soar_DSC7244_DSC7259DSC6637-38-40-diving sequenceDSC6075 to 6078-banking turn sequenceDSC6266-67-turning sequenceDSC6330-31-turn sequenceDSC7000-01-banking sequenceDSC7294-95-dive sequence