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A Chum Salmon fence site and activiity, Bella Coola. I used to do this "job". Loved it.
_MJW7684-Chum fence-Snootli Creek_MJW7796-Trapped Chum Salmon male_MJW7803-Chum Salmon fence trap_MJW7807-Chum Salmon boil_MJW7672-catching Chum-Snootli fence_MJW7675-catching Chum-Snootli_MJW7676-catching Chum-Snootli fence_MJW7329-capturing Chum_MJW7441-catching Chum-Snootli Cr_MJW7814-clearing the Trap_MJW7451_MJW7466-clearing the trap-Snootli Cr_MJW7342-Snootli fence site_MJW7338_MJW7348-bleeding the Does_MJW7389-stripping Chum eggs_MJW7360-stripping Chum eggs_MJW7478-stripping Chum eggs_MJW7372-taking Chum milt_MJW7374-Chum male milt - bagged for transport