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Youth and Age (Y50-28-01).jpg01- The Playita- (Y1-24-01).jpg07- Fruit baskets (Y48-16-01).jpg11- Yelapa village (Y2-2-01).jpg12- Yelapa Playa (Y28-19-01).jpgAgustina on the playa-'01 (11-32-01).jpgBouganvila blooms (56-37-01).jpgBoy with fish (Y35-17-01).jpgBoy with fish (Y35-17- 01)- B&W.jpgBroken Clock (Y25-9A-01).jpgButterfly on palm (40-9-01).jpgClothes washing stations (Y16-3-01).jpgEgret & Dog (8A-01).jpgLaguna reflections-1-b&w.jpgLaguna reflections- 2.jpgLaundry day, Tuito R. (Y39-5-01).jpgPie Lady and Heron- (Y28-12-01).jpgPie lady on the Playa- (Y28-10-01).jpgPlayita in the morning (Y33-2A-01).jpgPlayita play- (Y35-28-01).jpg