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The entire coastline of British Columbia can easily be considered as temperate rainforest. Living on the central portion of this area in BC, as I do, I know this intimately. The lush, the tangle, slippery slopes, mystic, spirit, water, peace, plenty and hardship. As a photographer and resident of Bella Coola for many years, the following images are photo-real or photo-impressions of what I've come to feel of this world.
_MWB8868-Rainforest&Falls.jpg_MJW0174-Birch&Hemlock.jpg_MJW1087-Salloomt Old Growth Forest.jpg_MJW2548-Wood Violets & Cedars.jpg_MJW3314-Saloompt Park in Spring.jpg_MJW3318-Saloompt Park.jpg_MWB3199-Sato Forest.jpg#075 Blacktail deer buck.jpg_MJW2826-Marten.jpg_MJW2830-Marten.jpg_MJW2837-Marten.jpg_MJW3581-R Squirrel-2008.jpg_MJW3902-Red Squirrel.jpg_MJW7712-Red Squirrel.jpgJay- Stellar's-1.jpgFinch- Purple- female.jpgFinch- Purple- male.jpgJumping MouseBlacktail buck, Nootum RiverRainforest stream(85-24-96).jpg