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Every year, in late July, the salmon hatchery crews of the Snootli Creek facility, Bella Coola set up their fence traps in 4 of the Valley creeks to capture Chum Salmon, take the eggs of the females (does) and sperm from the males (bucks), transport these elements back to the Hatchery, mix sperm and eggs and allow them to incubate and hatch at the facility. The photos in this gallery illustrate the field portion of this operation on the Salloompt River in 2009 and continues on in the hatchery facility over the proceding months to record their development. Hopefully, the captions will aid in telling the story in the images.
_MWC7798-fence building.jpg_MWC7792-fence building.jpg_MWC7807-fence building.jpg_MWC7840-ChumFence-Salloompt River.jpg_MWB0952-trap capture.jpg_MWB0951-trap capture.jpg_MWB0954-trap capture.jpg_MWB0959-sorting males&females.jpg_MWB1021-in the Chum pens.jpg_MWB0971-checking for ripeness.jpg_MWB0966.jpg_MWB0972-Chinook Salmon "Jack".jpg_MWB0973-milting males.jpg_MWB1027-Taking sperm.jpg_MWB8089-taking sperm.jpg_MWB8015-female bleeding rack.jpg_MWB1023-hanging females.jpg_MWB1025-Chum females on rack.jpg_MWB1047-taking eggs.jpg_MWB1046-taking eggs.jpg

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This is unbelievable!! I had absolutely no idea how trapping worked. This is a fascinating album. It's like watching a documentary without the bothersome talking and commercials. The captions are excellent and very helpful for someone like me who had no knowledge of the process. Absolutely fascinating!! I certainly have a whole new respect for what Salmon trappers do.
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