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The first Spring (Chinook) Salmon of the year are beginning to appear in the Bella Coola River and, on June 2nd, a Ceremony took place at riverside to give thanks for their return.
_MWC3801-SalmonFest-begins_MWB8185-Parade to SongHouse_MWB8190-Parade to SongHouse_MWB8191-Salmon Parade_MWB8196-Parade to SongHouse_MWB8198-SalmonParade to River_MWB8200-Parade to River_MWB8202-Parade to River_MWB8213_MWB8215-Noel Pootlass etal at Riverside_MWC3810-Chief Sixilaaxayc addressing the gathered People at riverside._MWC3813_MWB8237-Salmon Dance-Pootlass_MWB8219-Dancing the Simon Johnson Honour Song_MWB8221-Honour Song dance_MWB8231-Honour Song dance._MWB8235-Simon Johnson Honour Song being danced_MWB8243-Salmon Festival-children_MWB8244_MWB8247-Salmon offering