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I think I've over-extended my last Eagle Gallery (in quantity) so, I've started a second one...Feb.1, 2012.
Note: The most recent photos in this Gallery (or in any other) are found at the end.
_MWB9039_MWB9084_MWB9050-Eagle feeding frenzy-winter_MWB9042_MWB9066_MWB9068_MWB9067_MWB9071-feeding frenzy_MWB9096-Feeding frenzy_MWB9068_MWB9050_MWB9051-feeding frenzy_MJW6477_MJW6695-low pass inspection_MJW6721-feeding frenzy_MJW6458-in flight_MJW6973-2-aerial search-winter_MJW6894-aerial search-winter_MJW6890_MJW6873