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The Wren and Thrush families of the Central Coast of British Columbia.
Water Dipper_MWB1590-V Thrush in WinterVaried Thrush on Mt. AshRobin on Mt. AshHermit Thrush in SpringDipper in Winter_MWB6272-Robin call.jpg_MWB6744-Robin in Spring.jpgWinterWren-composite.jpg_MJW3923-Hermit Thrush.jpg_MWC9386-Robin&MtAsh.jpg_MWC9324-Robin Juv & Ash Berry.jpg_MWC9329-Robin&MtAshBerry.jpg_MWC0258-Water Dipper.jpg_MWC0182-W Dipper.jpg_MWC0254-W Dipper.jpg_MWC0193-Water Dipper.jpg_MWC0246-Water Dipper.jpg_MWC0247-W Dipper.jpg_MWC0248-Water Dipper & Caddis prey