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July 24-25 was the 11th annual Music Festival in Bella Coola. Great music, good weather and good people.
_MWC5709-Random Order_MWC5700-Random Order_MWC5712-Random Order_MWC5702-Random Order_MWC5562-Caley Watts & Band_MWC5556-Caley Watts_MWC5557-Caley Watts & Band_MWC5558-Caley Watts_MWC5551-Buddy Thatcher, lead guitarist-Caley Watts Band_MWC5573-Lynn Phillips of Random Order_MWC5547-Clinton W Gray & Rabbit_MWB9428-Random Order & view_MWB9414-Random Order_MWB9417-Random Order_MWB9379-Festival grounds_MWB9337-Festival grounds_MWC5511_MWC5524-Jen & James_MWC5526-Eccodek & Celso Machado - Global Rhythms workshop_MWC5521-Celso Machado & Eccodeck - Global Rhythms workshop