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These days, there are 2 different methods used by the Snootli Creek Salmon Hatchery facility, Bella Coola, to capture the necessary Chinook Salmon spawning adults to attain their quota of 2 million viable eggs. The first method was described (I hope) in the first Chinook "EggTake" gallery on this website. This second method (with a "tangle" net) is what I'm most familiar with as I once did this work on this river for 6 years or so.

These photos describe a day on the Atnarko River tangle-net fishing for "ripe" Chinook Salmon on their redd sites in the deeper runs of the river.
_MWB2183-readying to set.jpg_MWB2186-ready to set.jpg_MWB2187-making a set.jpg_MWB2190-making a set.jpg_MWB2194-pulling in the net.jpg_MWB2197-Chinook female in net.jpg_MWB2199-untangling Chinook.jpg_MWB2200-untangling a Chinook.jpg_MWB2202-clearing the net set.jpg_MWB2203-tagged Chinook doe.jpg_MWB2204.jpg_MWB2205-clearing the net set.jpg_MWB2207-clearing the net set.jpg_MWB2210-taking Chinook sperm.jpg_MWB2213-taking sperm.jpg_MWB2216-pulling in net.jpg_MWB2221-Tangle net set.jpg_MWB2223-tangle net set.jpg_MWB2225-Tangle net catch.jpg_MWB2230-Steelhead.jpg