Zenfolio | Michael Wigle Photography | Ocean Day Trip-2011-from Bella Coola, BC
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From Bella Coola wharf and up N Bentinck and into the S Bentinck Arm of Burke Channel.
_MWB6808-the Nekhani-BC Wharf_MWB6812-Pacific Grizzly_MWB6839_MWB6818_MWB6842_MWB6847_MWB6854-S Bentinck view_MWB6877-view from Larso Bay_MWB6872-Larso Bay_MWB6878-Larso Bay_MWB6868-Pictographs-S Bentinck_MWC4104-Pictographs-S Bentinck_MWB6900-Big Cedar Tree_MWB6911-Big Cedar Tree_MWB6915-Big Cedar Tree_MWB6927-Nekhani & Leonard_MWB6946-Nekhani_MWB6965-Nekhani_MWB6971-Tallheo Hotspring, S. Bentinck Arm_MWC4092-Tallheo Hotspring-view