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All birds in this gallery were photographed in and around the village of Yelapa south of Puerto Vallarta and accessible by boat.
Egret and Ibises (15-34-01).jpg04- Tuito Laguna birds (Y2-6-93).jpg04- Tuito Laguna- G Egret.jpg05- Flycatcher, Boat-billed (Y54-29-01).jpg06- Dove, Inca (Y52-16-01).jpg07- Vultures on the beach (Y6-3-01).jpg08- Cormorants and Duck (Y11-8-01).jpgGulls, Laughing (Y54-16-01).jpgEgret, Great (Y15-20-01).jpgEgret, Reddish (Y8-37-01).jpgEgret, Snowy & Surf (Y26-37-01).jpgHeron, Green- 2 (Y16-36-01).jpgHeron, Green- 1 (Y16-35-01).jpgHeron, Tri-colored (Y24-30-01).jpgHeron, Y-C Night- mature (Y5-6-01).jpgHeron, Y-C Night- juv.jpgStilt, Black-necked (Y53-33-01).jpgIbis, White (Y53-27-01).jpgJay, San Blas (Y38-34-01).jpgParakeets (Y49-27-01).jpg