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Images of (mostly) the Bella Coola Valley watershed from July, 2014 to .....?
_MW13669-Nusatsum-smokey morning-2_DSC3785-Walker Is view to Nusatsum-crop-2_MW19644-Mt Melikan & BCR_DSC2813-Nusatsum morning_DSC2809-Nusatsum morning-Walker Is_DSC3356-Atnarko R & Mt Melikan-autumn view_DSC3533-Rain break-Thorsen_DSC3397-BCEstuary view to Nec Valley_DSC3514-BCEstuary facing Nec Valley_MJW5611-Clayton Pass view to Burke_MJW5610-Clayton Pass view to Burke_MW19600-Firvale view_DSC3568-Rain break-Thorsen Valley_DSC3573-Thorsen Valley view_DSC3631-SchoolHouse Falls_DSC3667-Nusatsum view_DSC3680-Nusatsum view-McLellan Rd_DSC3683-changing by the Day-October_DSC3697-Mt Saugstad-b&w_DSC3701-Mt Saugstad view